Friday, August 3, 2007

Signs of the Times

August 2 was Election Day in Metro Nashville. On the ballot were several district and at-large council races as well as those for mayor and vice mayor. Because there were so many people running for mayor and the at-large council races, yesterday was more of a primary election day since we'll have run-offs in those races next month. One thing that I appreciate is that we have early voting in Tennessee, meaning we can vote before the actual "Election Day" by going to one of the early voting sites. I took this photo outside of the Howard School Building (which houses some metro government offices now) last week during early voting. There were hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of campaign signs in the parking lot, and this photo shows just a small percentage of them. Part of me wonders why candidates spend all that money to put signs in polling place parking lots because don't people know for whom they'll vote before they even get to the polling place? However, I know the answer to that question, unfortunately.
As a side note, Nashville and Davidson County merged in the 60s to form a metropolitan government. In other words, the mayor, council, police, fire, etc. basically serve the entire county.

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Gail's Man said...

I think politicians are really only in it for themselves. whatever country they are in and whatever type.