Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Hispanic Grocery

Driving down a rural road in the Mid TN area, we saw this great Hispanic Grocery on the edge of one small town. The sign on the left indicates that they sell tacos and tortas (a Mexican sandwich) and lists the different varieties, which include beef tongue, pork, and BBQ. They also offer menudo and caldo de res, which are both soups of a sort.

The sign painted on the store announces the store's name - La Hispana - and what one can find inside: personal items, vegetables, meats, etc.


Anonymous said...

Your population must be such that they can support a different kind of grocery store. I don't think we have enough variety of people here to support more than we already have and some of what we have are not closed due to the depression we are in.

Halcyon said...

Cool! We have a couple of Vietnamese groceries around here, but I have yet to spot a hispanic variety.