Sunday, October 14, 2007

Southern Festival of Books

Humanities Tennessee annually sponsors the Southern Festival of Books during the second weekend of October. A celebration of the written word, the free, three-day Festival features over 200 authors who lecture, participate in panels, and sign books. In addition, there are over 50 exhibits set up on Legislative Plaza (above), including booksellers, organizations, children's activities, a cooking stage, a music stage, and more. One of the first festivals of its kind in the US, the Southern Festival of Books has served as a model for many others.

For 15 years, the Festival was held only in Nashville. In 2004, however, organizers moved it to Memphis for logistical reasons. Since then, the Festival has alternated between the two cities with Nashville hosting on odd years.

Elizabeth Edwards, author of Saving Graces and wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, spoke Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend her lecture. We did, however, get to hear humorist Kinky Friedman, a former country music star and 2006 Texas gubenatorial candidate. Author of several books, Friedman's latest is You Can Lead A Politician to Water, But You Can't Make Him Think: Ten Commandments for Texas Politics.


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

I am SO glad you started this blog, Chris. I had no idea Nashville was such an interesting place until I started visiting your blog.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

BTW, thanks for letting me know that Welsh Terriers and Airedales are two different breeds. Lovely doggies!

Janet said...

A book festival! Neat!
Ooops, I just tagged you, but I see Steve got you first.

Anonymous said...

Your book festival is neat. We have book fairs where the library sells old books and some donated new ones at sackful prices. I like your post today. Very nice.

quintarantino said...

Funny... always knew Nashville. But always for musical reasons. Learning quite a lot with you, Chris.

Gwen said...

There is an annual book fair here too...I've learned alot about Nashville from you Chris! Under your random facts, for your MFA in creative writing do you have a specialization?

Chris said...

Fenix - Thanks for your kind words about both Nashville and the dogs. I am learning so much about the cities whose sites I visit (including yours!) as well as Nashville.

Rambling - Being a writer, you'd enjoy the Festival!

Abe - Thanks. Our libraries also have book fairs, but this is quite different as publishing companies and other booksellers sell brand new books.

Quintin - Obrigado para suas palavras amáveis! (Did I get that right?)

Gwen - Thank you for your nice thoughts. Re: The MFA. . .I am looking at programs in creative non-fiction and wouldn't rule out doubling up with writing for children. I've been working on a kids' book for a bit now (about dogs. . .Go figure!).