Sunday, October 14, 2007

by Steve of New Orleans Daily Photo.
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Here are EIGHT Random Facts About Me:

1. Thirty years ago tomorrow (10/15), I married the love of my life, Michael (Mike to everyone else. . . And, yes, I got married when I was 10.)
2. I have one son, Jason, who is a graphic artist for a TV station in Florida. I miss him like crazy.
3. I have owned two businesses. In Las Vegas, I had a small PR/writing firm. After moving to Nashville, I opened Paper Moon (right), the first scrapbook/rubber stamp store in Middle Tennessee. I closed it in May of this year after over nine years of business.
4. I majored (and taught) Spanish and English after graduating from college. I am about to start classes for an MFA in Creative Writing. (I bet you couldn't tell that from the books I write here!)
5. I love the desert sun and ocean breezes.
6. I am a certifiable dog fanatic.
7. I'm a pretty good cook, although you won't find me putting onions or a ton of garlic in anything I make. And, since I gave up using white sugar 18 months ago, you won't find me using it, either.
8. I love to travel, and there aren't too many places I wouldn't want to visit.

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Janet said...

Happy anniversary! You got married one year and one day shy of me and my high school sweetheart!


Thanks for tagging me Chris...I feel honoured. I will try and return the favour soon!

quintarantino said...

Thanks Chris. Soon you will know about my answer.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Hi Chris, thanks!. I won't forget but give time. I have been busy lately and I have to update my posting. At least I will tag your blog back. I can't promise to keep the link chain going (I am not fond of chains) but yours, I will be happy to link.