Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flag Presentation

As you undoubtedly know, before athletic events, a color guard presents the flags while everyone stands, covers their hearts, and sings the National Anthem. Yes, that is a piano in the middle of a football field.

The red flag with three white stars is the Tennessee state flag. They represent the three regions of the state, eastern, middle, and western.

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Anonymous said...

I was flabbergastged a few years ago when we were at a parade and here came the flags, carried by servicemen, and on the street where I was, I was the only one standing up and there were hundreds. Nobody saluted the flag and nobody had their hands over their hearts, but me. I felt like I was a foreigner in a strange land. The color guard saw me standing there and stopped, marched over in front of me, while I was holding my salute and they saluted me by dropping the flags they could. It brought tears to my eyes. They also whispered "thanks."

Most people around here where I live have no idea what to do when a flag approaches. I was stunned. So much for being a Korean War veteran.