Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nashville Arcade

Built in 1902, the Nashville Arcade was the city's first shopping center.  Before it was enclosed, the arcade was an alley that extended from 4th to 5th Avenue.  The developers patterned it after an arcade in Italy, and it is one of a very few arcades still existing in the United States.  Today, the arcade houses a number of art galleries and independent (and small) shops.  One of the most popular is a shop where one can buy fresh-roasted nuts.

When we moved to Nashville in 1995, there was a food court in the Arcade, and Castner-Knott (a locally owned department store) was next to it.

WHAT IS IT WEDNESDAY?  Virginia was correct. . . .The close-up was of the diamonds on a storm drain.


Jim said...

Was this afterhours? Looks pretty lonely.

Halcyon said...

Neat. I like the "European" style shopping centers.