Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bee My Honey

Michael couldn't believe that I got this close to a bee as I'm quite afraid of and allergic to them.  I was about six inches away from it when I took this photo.

Are you afraid of bees?

Please note:  I'm on the Murray State campus until Saturday for the summer residency and won't be able to comment much.  


Lynette said...

I've only been stung once in my 60 years, and it hurt like hell, so I don't want to get in a situation where a bee might think it needs to sting me. However, I do appreciate very much everything the hard-working-little-devils do for us and the planet. I hope they're going to make a come-back all over the place. You have a fine photo here, Chris.

Jim said...

Great picture of the bee and the flower, I am not allergic, my sister is. Bees dont really bother me, I dont like wasps though.

Abraham Lincoln said...

That is a nice photo of what I call a Great Northern Bumblebee. If it is any comfort, I have never been stung by one of them and have been around them for many years.

It is a nice photo.

Kate said...

A great shot that would get praise from Abraham, I think! I'm back to blogging again, regularly I hope, after an illness and a short stay in the hospital. Still recuperating but I'll return!

smilnsigh said...

Great shot but yikes!!! Please don't do that again. Not if you are allergic to them.

I don't like bees but I'm not allergic to them. My son-in-law is and I know how bad that can be.

Miss Mari-Nanci

Halcyon said...

That is an amazing photo! You really captured the detail of the flower and the bee.

I'm not really afraid of bees. I generally think if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. Wasps are a different story though. They scare the heck out of me! And I am allergic. :s