Monday, March 3, 2008

Islamic Center of Nashville

The Islamic Center of Nashville is in the middle of the 12 South district of Nashville. The Center participates in a number of community events made to strengthen ties between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities. You can get more information on the Center by clicking here.

In addition to participating in classes (Click that link for more information on Olive Tree Education.)in Islam, the Center offers tours, holds open houses, offers a variety of workshops, and hosts visits from individuals and groups. Center members were part of an area interfaith community that partner with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for those in need.

What most people do not know is that Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in the United States. Nashville was one of the sites where Iraquis could vote in their elections a few years ago because of the large concentration of Kurds here.
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Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, I didn't know about the huge Kurdish population in Nashville.

The architecture of the mosque is not very distinctively Islamic. But it is a nice building.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that the Kurdish population was that big anywhere in the US. It is an interesting post.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

That's an interesting piece of information. It is good that there are islamic centers that try to approach other communities and viceversa. We all fear what we don't know. Knowing each other and interacting with respect to other people's beliefs helps to get rid of cliches and malinterpretations.

isabella said...

Learn something new every day ;-)

Sorry to hear about your boy and his broken wing! Hope he does not need surgery...but if you come you won't be sorry - the weather is embarrassingly gorgeous here (in view of what's happening to the rest of the country) - hot and dry!

Anonymous said...

Chris, mas que interessante.

Not that I know that much about USA, but never would guess you such a big kurdish community in Nashville.
Any particular reason?

Southern Heart said...

Chris, I had no idea about the Kurdish population...that is so interesting!

I would love to see a photo of your Baptist Hospital sometime, too!

brian said...

very cool post and photo today... i love the star and crescent moon against the blue sky.

thanks for your comment and thoughts tomorrow - i've already pulled all my hair out.. i wanted to make a comment about one of the candidates and your islamic center, but i'm above that and trying to get away from the intra-party bickering. ;-)

Me said...

Chris, I am so sorry to hear about your son's hand! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

And what a neat post, too! Very interesting. Makes me wonder how much is there about Dunedin that I am clueless about. :)

Take care, best wishes to you and your son,


Steve Buser said...

Chris, Interesting about the Kurdish populatio there. We have pockets from various countries scattered all around the US. I remember sitting in a fst foot restaurant many years ago and watching a show in German on the television there.

By the way, about your comment on my blog. I got a new camera a Olympus E-510 for Christmas and I am just learning all the tricks it can do. Like that shot. I forgot to set the shutter lag to 1 second or it would have been crisper.

-- steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Lynette said...

My gosh, I had no idea about the Kurds and Nashville. How exciting for everyone to be learning about different cultures! And I like learning all of the things I get to learn with this CDPB visiting and commenting--it's wonderful.

Clueless in boston said...

Interesting looking building for an Islamic Center.