Friday, January 30, 2009


I apologize, everyone, for not having posted for a week. One of my cousins passed away last week, and we went to Cleveland, Ohio for his memorial service.

We stayed in London, Ohio for a couple of days and enjoyed 10-12 inches of snow that fell between Tuesday and Wednesday. I took this photo of the the back of our house in London on Wednesday after the snow finally stopped. For about 15 minutes, we actually saw a little sun and blue skies. It didn't last. When the clouds moved back in, the snow started again, finally stopping around 5 PM.

We stay in the apartment that is on the right side of the house when we're there.


CLAY said...

What a beautiful image! I had no idea that Nashville held so much in the way of rustic beauty. Brilliant blog--I will visit you frequently.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

Light and Voices said...

Wishing you peace at this difficult time.

Lynette said...

As bad as this weather has been and continues to be for so many, there's something wonderfully wholesome and good about this photo, Chris. And the one of the Ball jars, too. Thanks for posting both of them. We'll be thinking of you and your family, Mama and me.

Mrsupole said...

Just scrolling through and found yours, Ohio looks very cold. I am in So. CA, so we never see snow unless we go up to the mountains, which we rarely do anymore. Loved the pictures also of the Ball jars, my younger sister has done some canning a few times and since I am a lot older than her I doubt she remembers the few times we, her older sisters, tried doing it with our mom. We gave it up, but I still save the jars when I get them. I store hard candy in them now, it works better for me.

So sorry for your family loss, may God be with you during these times.

Beautiful picture of the white winter experience nature provided.

Anyway I hope you do not get as much snow in Nashville as when you were in Ohio, but sometimes it would be nice if we got a little here in California.

Take care,
aka Mrsupole's Place

Halcyon said...

I love the look of this house and the pristine snow.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope all is well for you!

Light and Voices said...

I am related to Alonzo Decalvis Cutler of Yarmouth on April 18, 1637. Chris, could we be related?

Denton said...

Chris, sorry to hear about your lose of a loved one ... sometimes there is comfort to be found in shared memories with family and friends which gather to honor the person who has passed away.

Mo said...

Sorry for your loss.