Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It took a lot of blood, sweat
& tears to get where we are
today, but we have just begun.
Today we begin in earnest the
work of making sure the world
we leave our children is just a
little bit better than the one
we inhabit today.
~ Barack Obama

You may have noticed the Countdown to Freedom that has adorned my blog for about a year. It has been counting down to today, Inauguration Day. In the spirit of the day, I will hold my tongue and not write anything disparaging about the past eight years. I am so overwhelmed with the enormity of Obama's inauguration that I am basically speechless with excitement, pride and happiness.

We have a long road to travel to get this country on the right track, again. I think we are heading in the right direction, and I think Mr. Obama and the men and women he has chosen to work with him are the right people to guide us down that path. Let us hope that the men and women in the House and Senate can forget their partisan differences and work together and with the administration. And, mostly, let's all work together so that we can leave our children a better world.


Jim said...

Made it! Right now your counter shows 6 hours. FINALLY

Kate said...

Greaat post for today with a wonderful sentiment.

GMG said...

WOW! Great to see you here and in great shape!! Great Inauguration! Enjoy the Ball!
Blogtrotter (waiting for you around Delhi...;))

Lynette said...

Thank goodness! Hooray! I love your post today!

Sally said...

It was a huge day indeed. One Sydney-sider celebrates Barack Obama’s inauguration by tinkling the ivories

Virginia said...

AMEN, Sister!