Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Theme Day: Best Photo

Be always at war
with your vices,
at peace with
your neighbors,
& let each new year
find you a better man.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Our wish for everyone on this New Year's Day is that we can find peace with our neighbors both here and abroad, and that good things will once again come our way.

Today is Theme Day in the City Daily Photo family. Our theme this month is "BEST PHOTO." I chose this photo because, quite frankly, I like it a lot. I took it on a morning last February when we had a light dusting of snow hit the Nashville area. There was very little contrast because the light was so hazy.

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Lynette said...

Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

I like this one, too, Chris.

Clueless in boston said...

Happy New Year. Love the picture. Thanks for visiting my blog this past year.

Kate said...

This is a very classy photo. Beautiful and scenic.

Small City Scenes said...

Love the picture. It says something about small farms. Delightful. MB


Ham said...

That looks like Nashville countryside in my imagination - is that good or bad? Happy New Year from London.

Jilly said...

That's such a lovely quote and a beautiful photograph to illustrate it. Happy New Year, Chris.

Hilda said...

The haziness makes it look even more peaceful. A beautiful image to accompany an even more beautiful wish.

Happy theme day and wishing you peace, prosperity, health, happiness and love in 2009.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I had my raccoon up yesterday for theme day. Duh.

I like your choice. Nice.

Happy New Year to you and your family from Patty and Abe.

Hyde DP said...

well that frosty scene matches the weather here although the sun is just about getting out now - happy new year

lv2scpbk said...

I love the scenic photo too. You captured everything from the landscape to animals in the background. A wonderful pick for theme day.

Have a Happy New Year!

slim said...

I remember this photo and still really like it . . . good choice. I wish you the very best in 2009, Chris and thanks for visiting Quincy from time to time.

Olivier said...

très belle cette grange dans la campagne. Happy New Year 2009.

Mo said...

Excellent choice, Happy New Year!

Ming the Merciless said...

That is a fantastic photo of a barn house. Great choice for the photo of the year.

Have a happy and healthy new year, Chris.

Jim said...

Great choice. I cant wait until the 20th. It seemed that 2008 would never get over with.

Brian and I are going with friends to Vegas at the end of Feb. Cant afford it, but that never stopped us before.

brian said...

this is a really beautiful photo, chris and a perfect selection for theme day! i've enjoyed visiting your site over the past year - and hope you have a wonderful new year!!!

~tanty~ said...

Oh, this is beautiful and peaceful.
Happy New Year 2009!

Buck said...

It's a post card - how wonderful!

Celine said...

Nice choice. It really seems to say "Tennessee" to me. Happy new year!

Sarah Jane said...

I want to live in that picture and I adore Ben Franklin.

Kim said...

Chris, this shot is just so postcard pretty and perfect, I can see why you chose it from among all your lovely shots from last year. Now, how much did you have to pay those horses to line up like that? :-). Love the serene quality of it and agree with Hilda.
Blessings to you in this new year, and keep having fun with your camera,
Seattle Daily Photo

USelaine said...

I love your choice for the theme day. It's just how I imagine all of pastoral Tennessee to be.

Happy New Year to you and your family, Chris.