Sunday, April 27, 2008

Music City Marathon

Yesterday morning, 30,714 runners and walkers participated in the Music City Marathon in Nashville.  Of those, 5,652 ran the full marathon, while the remaining 25,000+ did the half marathon.  The runners started the race in "corrals," meaning they were grouped with other runners and all members of a particular corral started at the same time.  There were 32 corrals, and the last ones started the race over an hour after the elite runners (in the first corral) began.  The winner of the half marathon ran it in just over one hour, and the winners of the marathon ran the race in 2 hours 14 minutes (men) and 2 hours 30 minutes (women).

I chose to post this photo for two reasons:  A) You can see the downtown skyline.  Note the clocktower on the left-side of the photo as it's the Union Station Hotel tower from my post a few days ago.  B) If you click to enlarge the photo, you can see runners all along the road that crosses the photo horizontally.

I had a number of friends run or walk the race, and my hat's off to them!  Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Rambling Round said...

That's a lot of runners! Hats off to you for going down there to get this picture. The skyline shows up really well.

Jim said...

Nice picture and it looks like a great turnout.

Anonymous said...

My daughter (one of them) likes to go on runs like this. At least she did but since surgery she probably won't run.

It is a nice shot, Chris.