Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flooded River

Please excuse the quality of this photo. I took it through my office window using one hand. BUT! I wanted you to see how the rain we received in Middle TN has affected the Harpeth River. Areas of Middle Tennessee received more than 3 inches of rain yesterday, swelling a number of creeks and small rivers.
The small photo at right is another view of the river.

The cow pasture behind us has a lot of water in it (foreground of photo), and the river has gone over its banks. What you cannot tell from the photos is how swift the current is. I can see it from here, and at times I notice downed tree limbs and such moving along.

Note the vibrant green grass and the green starting to appear on the trees. Spring is here!

Again, I apologize for the quality of the photos. I just wanted you to see how swollen the Harpeth is right now.

Please Note: As I have mentioned, I just had shoulder surgery and don't have use of my right hand since it is in a sling and stationary. I am visiting blogs, but it is hard for me to comment since I can type only with one hand.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better, Chris.

This is nice work. I like everything about it -- light color, shadow, texture.

I hope you can visit my blog and read about my hospital visit.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Destitute Rebel said...

Hope your arm gets better soon. And hope the flooding situation gets better soon too.

Rambling Round said...

That's a lot of rain. The water table will be happy this summer.

isabella said...

Yes, we keep hearing about this nasty weather in TN and LA...In the meantime, we are still dry as a bone!
Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Was it a planned surgery? Hope you are healing well and will be back, swinging that tennis racket in no time ;-)

Jim said...

Hope the water goes down before the next rain.

smilnsigh said...

I will believe you, that it's moving rapidly!

Best of healing vibes, for your shoulder surgery. Worry not about visiting/commenting in our blogs. We certainly understand.

It's wonderful that you are taking pics with one hand!!! :-)


Clueless in boston said...

I hope your house isn't in danger of any flooding.

Hyde DP said...

the weather seem unseasonable awful everywhere - hope your sahoulder meands soon - scuse typos