Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow is a 4-letter word

We had snow in the Middle Tennessee area Thursday evening/Friday morning, causing slowdowns in traffic, accidents and school districts to cancel Friday classes.

We live in a low area and usually get rain and snow around here when other areas don't. This snow was different, however, as we didn't see a drop of the white stuff in this neighborhood. I thought I would post a snow photo, however, in honor of the icky white stuff. I just took it months ago!


Nina said...

You can see how much snow we got in Franklin on a couple of my photos posted on Sat. Dec. 12. It was my dog's 1st snow. I look at a couple of the daily photos, so you're on my blog,

I think you once said something about a degree in "literary nonfiction." Is that correct? If so, what is literary nonfiction? I'm a retired librarian and haven't heard that term.

Nina said...

Before I retired in July of this year, I bought all the nonfiction for the Brentwood library, which is why I was interested in that term. We talk of literary fiction, but the term literary nonfiction is a good term too.

I went to OSU for 2 years, then graduated from Univ. of VA. Then got my MLS at Kent State when we lived in Stow and my husband worked for Firestone.

Then we were transferred to Nashville with Bridgestone in '91 and the rest is history.

Good luck with your degree.

babooshka said...

To me this is beautiful as I shall possibly not see ant this year.