Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did

America is a place where all things are possible . . .
~ Barack Obama

When I was a child, my father - the only son of immigrant laborers who gave up the life they knew to give their children opportunity in a new land . . . a high school graduate who could not afford to go to college . . . a blue-collar worker who toiled even after a debilitating illness so that his children would have the education he could not get - told me that anyone could do anything he/she set his/her mind to doing. That was the most important piece of advice my father ever gave me.

On a personal level, I have always believed that. On another level, I have at times had doubts. Tonight, I rejoice in the fact that America put its collective mind to accomplishing something that was good and the right thing to do, and succeeded.

This evening, we watched the election results at the home of good friends Sally and Steve. Right before 10:00 PM CST, CNN called the election for Barack Obama. We were all overcome with the power the moment.

In their respective speeches, McCain and Obama were gracious and put us, the citizens of this great country, and America first. As I mentioned the other day, the president-elect is going to have a huge road to hoe. He is going to need all of us behind him.

We know that the challenges that tomorrow will
bring are the greatest of our lifetime . . .

~ Barack Obama

God Bless America.

PS. Any guy who promises to get his daughters a puppy for the White House just has to be a great guy! I'm pushing for a terrier!


Ferreira-Pinto said...

Indeed, God bless!
It's a country worth knowing and that gives those who are willing to take a chance to do something worth seeing!

babooshka said...

Excellent post.The worlds's eyes were watching and you didn't let us down. The puppy for me was the clincher.

brian said...

You betcha! i vote for a spaniel!

woo hooo~!~~~

Jim said...

That was a wonderful night, I cant wait until he gets the oath.

Nina said...

I think it's "row to hoe"

Nice post