Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Bounry

Ah, sweet potatoes! The staple of many Thanksgiving dinners, sweet potatoes and yams are good cooked so many different ways. Here's one of my favorite recipes:

Sugar-free Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Wash, peel and cube 2 pounds of sweet potatoes
Place them in cold water and cook over medium heat until tender.
Drain water.
To sweet potatoes add: 2 tablespoons butter, 1/4-1/3 c. milk or cream, 1/8 c. Splenda, 1 tablespoon Amaretto
Beat with mixer until smooth.


Baruch said...

In New Zealand we call them kumara. Kumara has been grown & eaten in NZ since the first Maori arrived - brought by Kupe in about the 10th century from Hawaiki

Kate said...

Your recipe sounds delicious unlike the sweet potato chips I tried yesterday--I burned them in the oven, but the rest of the food was great! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Come visit my blog today to see what we did yesterday; I think you'll like it!

Jilly said...

Now you are talking! This is my sort of food. If I could be bothered to drive 6 ks to a shop I'd go buy some sweet potatoes but it's pouring with rain, very windy and cold, so it will have to wait. Sounds great, Chris.