Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have you ever wondered what some of the Music Row buildings look like?

This one is BMI (Broadcast Music Inc). Founded in 1939, BMI collects royalty fees for its songwriters, composers and publishers when their works have been performed. BMI issues licenses to radio and television stations, orchestras, current media (iPods, satellite radio, etc), bars, movies, concerts, jukeboxes, etc. When you hear a particular song, whether it be on the radio, during a television show, or even in a jukebox, the venue pays a licensing fee to either BMI or ASCAP. My husband told me that if a song played during their newscasts, they had to pay a fee for it. . . and it wasn't cheap.

For more information on BMI, click here.


Jim said...

I dont understand how to they know I played a certain song on a jukebox or who is watching that TV news show to tell that they played a song. The local station here plays a lot of old you tube clips when music acts come to town. Do they have to pay for that?

Chris said...

Jim, I'll explain more tomorrow, but yes, they do.

Kate said...

Interesting lines and shapes.