Thursday, December 13, 2007

March of the Shoppers

Unlike the airport, the malls are packed with holiday shoppers even early in the morning.

While this is not the best shot in the world, it does give you an idea of the sea of humanity looking for bargains at Opry Mills Mall during the holiday shopping season. Before I opened my store in 1998, I used to have my holiday shopping done by early November to avoid the crowds. I have a lot of friends, though, who love it.

Opry Mills Mall, by the way, is the largest outlet mall in the area. Ten years ago, Opryland Amusement Park closed, and Opry Mills Mall sprouted up on the property. There was a lot of debate over that decision, but developers said the mall would bring more tourists to Nashville than Opryland did. Since the mall opened, a lot of businesses (restaurants and gift shops) in downtown Nashville have suffered and closed due to a decrease in tourist trade.


quintarantino said...

It's marvellous how people behave the same ways in a lot's of different places in the world. Here, my friend, it seems some sort of frenzy attacked almost everyone and off they go to the mall.

Me said...

Those are cool shots Chris. I am sorry to hear about the shops that are hurting. So I feel bad when I say "Oh, cool, a Rainforest Cafe". I have never eaten in one, they always seems packed, but I like the design. Now you are getting even with me by posting pictures of food to make me hungry, eh?
PS. I'd love to hear more about your store sometime.

Jilly said...

This place looks a lot of fun. I love the Outlet Malls when I come to America! ... too tempting.

Chris, I left a response for your very good question on Monte Carlo DP. Too long to clog up your comment box. Thanks for visiting.

I hope your store is going well, Chris.

Anonymous said...

I am having a terrible time posting comments on blogger today. I had to try several times to get here. Anyway, I wanted to say this is a big contrast today and the lonesome terminal the other day.

Chris said...

Quint, yes, the frenzy is crazy here. On Thanksgiving, mind you, 1000s of people lined up in front of stores that opened late that night so they could get a "bargain." Good grief!

Wayne, I've eaten at RFC, and it's okay. . .nothing to write home about. I emailed you privately.

Jilly, I like outlet malls, too, but not during the holidays!! I emailed you privately, too.