Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Big Thing I'm Going to Miss

Call me crazy, but I love arts and crafts shows. In Nashville, they abound headlined by the best of the best - American Artisan. In its 38th year, American Artisan is held in Centennial Park in June each year (this weekend, as a matter of fact!). Founder Nancy Saturn recently closed her gallery and store of the same name. Another show that I enjoy is the TACA Fair, held twice a year (also at Centennial Park). I rarely buy anything at either, but I do love to see artistic talent in the "flesh."

As I noted in yesterday's post, as I head towards thesis semester and a move to Las Vegas, I'm going to wind down NDP. I'm working on a top 10 list (Things I'm Going to Miss Most) for you, but in the meantime, I'll feature things that won't make the list . . . as well as things I won't miss!

Tomorrow: Something I definitely will be glad to put behind me.


Ming the Merciless said...

Hmm! I'm curious about the lists now, especially what you won't miss about Nashville. :-)

One guess: sweet iced tea?

Jilly said...

Oh yes I can identify with this. Arts and Crafts fairs are marvellous. I love this dog. It's the same one that Isabella gave me as an 'award' a couple of years ago - on Riviera Dogs - so I imagine that award must have started with you, Chris? You can see mine on Riviera Dogs - scroll down on right.