Monday, June 15, 2009

Factory at Franklin

Built in 1929, the Factory at Franklin is on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally home to Magic Chef, Dortch Stove Works and Jamison Bedding, the Factory today houses a specialty shopping venue, restaurants, art galleries, offices and entertainment venues.

I offer this photo today for two reasons: First, yesterday I showed you the Farmers' Market which takes place in buildings behind the Factory Saturdays during the summer. I thought I'd follow-up with a photo of the Factory itself.

Second, I liked the way the one sidewalk on which I was walking branched off to make three separate sidewalks under a blue, blue sky. I look at those as a metaphor for what is going on with me lately.


If you have followed Nashville Daily Photo, you might remember that I decided to go back to graduate school in January, 2008, and I am working on my MFA in creative writing at Murray State University. On July 10, I'll start my fourth and final semester, my thesis semester. If everything goes as planned, I'll defend my thesis in January and graduate. My classwork has been the reason I have been writing less and less for the blog in the past year or so.

You might also remember that last July, my husband was able to take early retirement. When we moved to Nashville 13 years ago, we had no idea that we would stay here this long, nor did we have any idea that we would be looking at enjoying retirement at our ages.

We've always planned to move back to Las Vegas when we retired. While our house has been for sale for a few months, the economic downturn the US is facing right now has slowed down our plans. Showings have picked up, so we're hopeful. . . .

So, all of that said, I need to announce that I'll be closing down Nashville Daily Photo within the next few weeks. I am going to have to concentrate on writing my thesis, and that will take a huge amount of my time over the next several months. In addition, we will eventually be moving west, and I would have to close the blog anyway.

Before I close my blog, I would like to share some of my favorite places in Middle Tennessee, and I'll show you the Top Ten Things I'll Miss About Nashville. I hope you'll come along for our ride into the sunset.

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Lady Di Tn said...

Wish you best. Sorry we never got to have any more coffee breaks. Peace